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Russia is good as per NMC guidelines

Russia is good as per NMC guidelines


The pursuit of a medical career has always been a popular choice for Indian students, and studying MBBS abroad has gained significant traction in recent years. Among the countries offering quality medical education, Russia has emerged as a preferred destination for Indian students. One of the key reasons for this popularity is Russia’s compliance with the National Medical Commission (NMC) guidelines for MBBS education. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Russia’s adherence to these guidelines and explore the benefits it offers to Indian students.

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  1. Duration of the MBBS Course:

The NMC Foreign Medical Licentiate Regulation (FMGL 2021) specifies that the duration of the MBBS course should be 54 months. Russia, in accordance with these guidelines, offers a comprehensive six-year program for Indian students pursuing MBBS. This ensures that students receive a well-rounded education, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical training, preparing them to become competent medical professionals.

  1. Internship Provision:

Another crucial aspect of the NMC guidelines is the provision of a one-year internship for MBBS graduates. Russia recognizes the importance of practical experience and provides Indian students with an internship opportunity. This internship period allows students to gain hands-on experience in a clinical setting, further enhancing their skills and confidence. Additionally, this internship often serves as a gateway for students to explore potential job opportunities in Russia or other countries.

  1. Equal Registration Opportunities:

The NMC guidelines emphasize that Indian students studying abroad should have registration opportunities at par with local citizens. Russia demonstrates its commitment to this principle by allowing Indian students to register with the relevant medical authorities in the country. This facilitates the smooth transition of Indian MBBS graduates from Russia to India or any other country of their choice for further practice or specialization.


Benefits for Indian Students:

By complying with the NMC guidelines, Russia offers several advantages to Indian students pursuing MBBS:

  1. a) High-Quality Education: Russian medical universities are known for their excellent infrastructure, modern facilities, and experienced faculty members. Indian students can benefit from a high standard of education that meets international benchmarks.
  2. b) Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to many other countries offering medical education, Russia provides MBBS programs at a relatively affordable cost. This affordability makes it accessible to a broader range of Indian students, reducing the financial burden on families.
  3. c) Multicultural Experience: MBBS in Russia exposes Indian students to a diverse cultural environment, allowing them to interact with students from various nationalities. This exposure fosters a global outlook, cultural sensitivity, and the development of interpersonal skills.
  4. d) International Recognition: Degrees obtained from Russian medical universities are globally recognized, enabling Indian students to pursue further studies or employment opportunities worldwide.



Russia’s compliance with the NMC guidelines for MBBS education demonstrates its commitment to providing quality medical education to Indian students. The adherence to the 54-month course duration, internship provision, and equal registration opportunities ensures that students receive a comprehensive education and practical experience. With the advantages of high-quality education, affordability, multicultural exposure, and international recognition, Russia has become an attractive destination for Indian students aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. By choosing Russia for their MBBS studies, Indian students can embark on a promising path towards becoming skilled medical professionals.

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