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Why Study MBBS in Canada? (Medicine in Canada)

Canada is one of the front runners in offering high-quality education for both Canadians and international students. MBBS is one of the most sought after degree in Canada. For many reasons, Indian students and students from other countries choose Canada as a preferred destination to study MBBS. When you search about studying MBBS in Canada, you can see the healthy discussions happening around MBBS in Canada Quora.

Canada has set very high academic standards. It follows rigorous quality in education. Apparently, whoever gets admission to study MBBS in this country earn high-quality teaching, exposure and hands-on training. It opens a pool of opportunities for your future, which benefits your career in a very long run.

Medical Admission in Canada

In Canada M.D(Doctor of Medicine) Program is Running. In the MD Program Admission Required Entrance Test. A Test Name is MCA. Full Form of MCAT is(Medical College Admission Test).

AAMC Acces or MCAT Exam (For all Details)
AAMC Association of American Medical College

What is MCAT?


Biochemical Fundamentals of Living System

95 min 59 Sec


Physical Foundation of biology system

95 min 59 Sec


Social and biological foundation of behaviour

95 min 59 Sec


Critical Analysis
Critical Analysis and Reeasowing Skills

90 min 53 Sec

Note: – MCAT Exam do 3 times in 1 Year and 7 times in Life.

Fees: 310 – 365 CAD


Biology | Chemistry | Psychology | Sociology | Physics | Maths | Cyclology

  1. We Prepare for Student Extra Cariculler Activity
  2. Find Opportunities like society
  3. Prepare For Debate.
  • Exam Time: 8 AM to 3 PM (10 min Break / Section)
  • Result: After Exam 35 Days
  • Required Score: 480 – 525

Note: There are 10 Prounice & 3 Territory in Canada.
17 Medical University & College Running MD Programs.

University Name

  • University of Alberta
  • University of Toronto Medicine
  • University of Mcmaster
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Western
  • Queens University
  • Northern University of School of Medicine
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