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Study in Turkey

Why Study in Turkey

More than 150,000 international students chose to study in Turkey in the 2018/19 academic The Turkish government is keen to increase this number, aiming to attract 350,000 international students over the next few years. Turkish universities offer students the chance to gain a unique higher education experience. There are 207 higher education institutions in Turkey, 129 of which are state universities, with the remaining 78 being private non-profit institutions. You are able to gain a bachelor’s degree, a masters degree, and doctoral degree.

Despite the Turkish higher education system being one of the youngest in the world, it is already garnering a good reputation worldwide. There are 2 of Turkey’s universities in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top 500. The highest-ranked is Koç University, which is placed on 448th. The next highest-ranked is Bilkent University, which is placed at 456th. There are a further 8 Turkish universities in the top 1000.

What are the tuition fees on average for international students studying in Turkish Universities?

  • Tuition can be as low as $3000 per year, but it is $25000 in high. (Private Uni.)
  • For Undergraduate programs, yearly tuition fee ranges from $3000-8000
  • For Masters programs, the total tuition fees range from $4000 to 8000
  • For Ph.D. programs, the total tuition fee ranges from $9500 – 12500
  • Required high school grade average is around 60%.

For Public Universities, Tuition can be as low as $150 per year, but it is $5000 high.


  • Public Universities education fee between 200 USD – 1000 USD yearly, Without Exam. (excluding Medicine and Dentistry or Pharmacy)
  • First-year Turkish language course 650 USD (one year total).
  • Our consultancy fee is 500 USD. (Firstly you will pay 150 USD, after when will be accepted you will pay plus 350 USD.)

Pharm. education fee between (If you want, without exam : prepayment 15000-20000 USD)

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