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Why Study In Canada?

Canada plays host to in excess of 180,000 Universal understudies in some random year. Canada is known for it’s quality training and aggressive section necessities. A Canadian Degree/Recognition is perceived over the globe. Canadian establishments charge lower educational cost expenses for universal understudies than their partners in contending nations. For as long as 9 continuous years, UN review has observed Canada to be the best spot on the planet to live in. Global understudies can apply for their PR which takes up to 15 to year and a half from inside Canada. Understudies are qualified to work off grounds without a work license up to 20 hrs for every week and full time amid get-away. A few projects may even have a paid centre term where one gets hands-on involvement in working in the business. Further understudies on the consummation of their program can work up to 3 years relying upon the length of their investigation program.

Benefits of studying in Canada

You will have several options to choose from: big or small universities and small-town or city universities.

Students can enjoy an active and varied lifestyle in this beautiful country, along with great health-care benefits, and the thing that Canada is most known for – politeness of the locals.

Students will have incredible opportunities to meet like-minded people and gain valuable international student experience through student clubs and organisations.

What is your reason to study in Canada?

Is it the anticipation to visit the country? Or is it the dream to study in that country? We are here to guide you with your applications to study at Canadian universities. Do let us know what assistance you are looking for, and we’ll be on the way to answer your queries.

Study Opportunities

There are three academic intakes at the institutions in Canada: fall, winter and summer. Fall lasts from September to December, winter lasts from January to April and summer lasts from May to August. Though fall is the primary intake in most colleges, some colleges do offer a winter intake.

International students are advised to apply at the earliest, as scholarships and admissions get more and more competitive closer to the deadline. A typical application deadline would be 6 to 9 months before your session starts, and it can vary depending on each department and the subject of choice. Though deadlines are not flexible, except for diploma programmes, some institutions might accept students if seats are available.

Understudies can browse various investigation programs

  • Certificate or diploma (One or two years)
  • Advanced Diploma (Two or three years)
  • Undergraduate (three or four years)
  • Postgraduate (two years)
  • PhD (four or five years with dissertation)
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